Axure RP 6.5 Beta – steht zum Download bereit

The Axure RP 6.5 Beta is now available for download at The focus of this release is to make it faster to build interactions and layout widgets, add inline text links and rotating shapes and images, and include a handful of popular feature requests like animated scrolling and pinning panels to the browser window.  There will be a valid beta until the final release so your work will not be interrupted. Please expect to run into bugs while using the beta. The Mac version had a significant change to its plumbing and we expect there to be issues that we haven’t discovered yet.

Axure RP 6.5 will be a free upgrade for all Axure RP customers. Yes. You read that right. Any license for any version of Axure RP will be valid for 6.5. Why? Because Axure RP 6.5 files will not open in earlier versions and we want everyone to be able to work with the latest files without having to buy a renewal. You’ll be able to download 6.5 and start using it right away.

via Axure | Axure RP 6-5 Beta – Now Available.



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